31st March 2015

Spring is slow to arrive, but using the time to reflect …..

With all the buds waiting to burst but everything held in limbo with the onslaught of this cold weather and beating winds, we wonder if Spring in earnest will ever arrive.  No doubt it will as it always does, then it will be rapid, erupting everywhere, beautiful blossom and blooms seeming like a massive carcophony of noise but taking a visual form.  Our senses overwhelmed with all the fantastic shapes and scents that only Spring flowers can bring after a cold bleak winter that seems to have gone on forever.

We have been planting like machines, Roses and perennials, propagating tender plants and sowing seeds for masses more.  Continuing to meet with lots of prospective brides, and planning for all their schemes.  Late Winter and Early Spring to us is all about preparation, then waiting to jump at the first chance of combining those amazing blooms that nature provides us. 

On grim days, like today, it is also a chance to look back, take note and reflect on what went before.  The beautiful flowers of last year, the Brides we met and the anticipation and excitement of doing it all again.IMG_3076

Katie and James had a beautiful August wedding, the Church and venue about as romantically English as you can imagine but with a contemporary twist of Tipis for their reception.  Coupled with a perfect day of hazy sunshine it looked like bliss compared to what we see  outside today……

Flowers; The Country Garden Flower Company

Photography where applicable; Insymmetry Photography