12th April 2015

The season is kicking in……..

The wedding season is well and truly underway.  All of those meetings earlier on in the year with prospective couples have started to come to fruition.  The reality of transforming all of their ideas for their special day, brings the whole of  what we are about to life.   The exhilaration of  cutting our own flowers combining them together, with others if we need them,  to create their dream and then finally the apprehension.  The apprehension of hoping you have got it all spot on when the Bride views her venue and receives her bouquet.  There is nothing more scary than thinking we may have it ‘not quite right’ but absolute elation when we see the the results of our toil were everything that was wanted. 

Sometimes to create, all that is needed is observation.ranunculus bouquet 045  For us it is all about watching nature, looking at how things grow, their natural forms, how they combine together, this is not just flower arranging it’s about a whole garden, the season, and the plant combinations that we know work well.  Colours, textures, forms and using them to their best.





Nicola and Stephen’s wedding yesterday was all about that, seasonal, natural and beautiful