19th April 2015

Ramblings of a Gardener……..

 As we work outside today, the wind still bites. There is definitely not just a nip in the air here!!  Everything is still behind, when we compare what we were picking this time last year but hey, we were probably spoilt with the weather we all enjoyed in March 2014.

The leaves on most of the trees, except the Ash, are beginning to emerge.  Does this mean by the old saying ‘Oak before Ash, we’re in for a splash’, Ash before Oak we’re in for a soak’ is going to ring true??  If so it will mean lots of watering for us this summer!!  To be honest we could do with a bit of rain now to settle in the seedlings. 

It’s great, that at long last, the whole landscape is beginning to look 3 Dimensional again, after what seems like ages of barren branches and twigs.  The buds on the trees have started to give us that illumination of Spring Green, the Blackthorn is flowering like mad and gives, an almost ghostly white appearance in the hedgerows.  Spring,  although taking its time in arriving, as we thought it would, is happening in a hurry this year.  It won’t be long until our road verges are filled with frothing Cow Parsley, wafting aimlessly as we drive past.

In the greenhouse the seedlings are growing fast, our days are spent transplanting them into plug trays and transferring them to the polytunnel to grow on.  In the garden the Tulips are coming into their own, we’ve been picking them and arranging for others all week .  This evening it has been great to pick some, along with the beautiful Wallflowers and Euphorbia palustris, and just enjoy them for ourselves.