A little bit of last season…….

With the 2018 season’s growing schedules more or less sorted, sowing and propagation has kicked off in preparation for the pretty packed year ahead. Its only just February and we have had a few weddings already this year, which is always nice, a chance to get to show everyone there are British flowers out there you can have, even this early on.  They may not be the flamboyant blooms of summer but nonetheless, they are still beautiful in their own right.

Taking a glance back at last season we had the chance to work alongside some awesome couples, helping them develop their floral dreams for their big day.  From initial contact, right through to passing over the bouquet for a bride, it’s always a privilege for us and so much fun too!  To be a small part of all these memorable days is pretty cool and, take it from us, not one wedding is the same as another EVER, which makes for us a very diverse job, one you would never tire of.

There is always quite a broad variation in colours of flowers chosen to embellish each event, so what we grow throughout the year has to try and cover all bases, our variety list is pretty big now!   On the whole though, last year consisted of a lot of subtle tones, from muted buffs and apricots through to  the more traditional mixes of pastel tones and whites with plenty of green.  Just for good measure though there were some brights in-between, some very contrasting but most very cheerful mixes of bright festival style colours.  This year looks for us, more and more, like it’s heading to the latter in preference over the pastel tones.  So like we say, we’ll never get bored and were just itching to get growing a whole new range of very bright flowering plants to cut later on this season.

Here’s a quick glimpse of some of the weddings we provided for in 2017